If you are found disabled by the Social Security Administration and begin receiving benefits, what are the chances that your benefits will be discontinued someday? It’s a good question – and an important consideration.

The Continuing Disability Review is a mechanism that the SSA uses to make sure that people who are getting disability benefits should still be getting those benefits.

When Conditions Get Better, You Need To Update The SSA

Not all conditions are permanently disabling, and many individuals find that with access to the proper medical care afforded by their Medicare or Medicaid eligibility, their conditions may gradually improve over time. In these cases, the claimant has the responsibility to inform the Social Security Administration that their condition has improved. Even if the claimant does not inform the Agency of an improved condition, every individual who is receiving disability benefits will nonetheless have their case periodically reviewed in what is called a “Continuing Disability Review.”

What Is The Purpose of the Continuing Disability Review?

Continuing Disability Review, or CDR, is meant to verify that those who are receiving benefits are still “disabled” under the rules of the Social Security Act. All claimants will have their files reviewed following an award of benefits, but how often this happens depends on a few important factors. If your condition is one that is likely to improve, your case could be reviewed by disability examiners in as little as 3 years, or even less, after being awarded benefits. Those beneficiaries who are younger than 50 are also likely to have their file reviewed with more frequency. A review may also be triggered if a third party informs the SSA that you have gotten better, or if you return to work.

If you have a permanent disability, or your condition is deemed not likely to improve, your file will still be reviewed periodically, though much less often.

How Does a Continuing Disability Review Work?

The SSA will send claimants with permanent conditions a “Disability Update Report,” a two-page form. A “Continuing Disability Review Report,” a much longer and more comprehensive form, will be sent to those whose conditions are expected to improve. The SSA will review the information provided on these reports, as well as any updated medical records, to help determine whether the formerly disabling conditions have improved. Claimants may also be sent for a physical or mental examination if more information is needed about their condition.

Following a CDR, if the SSA finds that a claimant’s conditions have improved as it relates to their ability to work, and they are capable of engaging in substantial gainful activity, they will receive notice that their benefits are being terminated. Claimants will still have the opportunity to appeal this decision if they disagree with the SSA’s determination.

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What Do I Do If My Benefits Are Terminated?

If you believe that your benefits are being terminated improperly, you should contact a qualified disability advocate quickly. The time to file an appeal will be limited, and fast action will be necessary if an appeal is warranted. As will an SSDI application, having thorough documentation and medical records of your condition and your treatment will be essential.

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