Our Team

Andrew Youngman
President, CEO & Co-Founder
Christopher S. O'Connor, Esq
Managing Advocate, General Counsel & Co-Founder
Jim Hensel
Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder
Matthew McLaughlin
Chief Technology Officer
Anthony Provanzano, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
Christine Kmiec
Director, Hearing Operations
Jennifer Dunn
Director, Hearing Delivery and Post Hearing Execution
Pamela Kuhn
Director, Hearing Execution, Training and Development
Vice President, Marketing
Michael Deldon
Vice President, Finance, Controller
Robert Kuehn
Vice President, Technology
Talia Maciel
Vice President, Human Resources
Laura Orchard
Vice President, Operations
Vice President, Disability Policy & Strategy


At Citizens Disability, our employees are dedicated to advancing our clients’ interests and committed to the pursuit of excellence. We have adopted employee values to ensure that the Citizens Disability team is accountable to ourselves and our clients.

Honesty is the cornerstone of our company and is among the traits we value most. We are committed to upholding honesty and integrity in our interactions with clients and in our everyday lives.
We will work tirelessly for our clients, even in the face of adversity. We employ creativity, knowledge and experience to respond to new challenges.
We are devoted to pursuing our clients’ interests. We go out of our way to be available to our clients whenever they need us.
We demonstrate compassion and understanding toward our clients at all times. We listen to our clients’ needs and offer support in times of hardship.
We respect our clients, our peers, and ourselves. We follow the Golden Rule, treating others as we would like to be treated. Our representatives pride themselves on being kind, considerate and professional.
Our team is committed to learning. We keep abreast of developments in Social Security law and are constantly striving for improvement so we can better serve our clients.
Our team aims to provide trusted expertise to our clients, employees, and industry. We always look ahead for new regulations and adaptations to process, aiming to move the SSDI industry forward.

If you can’t work because of a chronic disease or long term injury, you may qualify for SSDI or SSI benefits!

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Wondering if you might qualify for up to $3,345 in monthly SSDI benefits?
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