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At Citizens Disability™, our mission is to provide helpful information about Social Security Disability benefit products and services, so that you can better determine if you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, if they are right for you, and how to apply for them.

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Welcome to Citizens Disability™! If you would like more information about the services that we offer, please give us a call at 781-755-3473, or email us at: We are proud to offer a dedicated phone line that we created especially for people who may experience accessibility issues with our website. Our specially-trained staff will give your call first priority and will be happy to provide you any information that you request. We can also assist any hard of hearing users via email at:

We’re Here to Help!

Ready to find out about our services? Just call our priority hotline at 781-755-3473, 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. We will be happy to talk you through your options, answer any questions that you have, and connect you with a third-party services provider that can help find out if you are eligible for any applicable Social Security Disability-related products and/or services. If you have auditory issues or are unable to call in, our customer service team will be happy to assist you via email at:

About Citizens Disability™

Citizens Disability™ provides helpful information about Social Security Disability benefits, products and services to individuals who might be eligible for same.

Formal Complaints

We aim to respond to accessibility feedback within five (5) business days, and to propose a solution within ten (10) business days.

What is this Page All About?

Citizens Disability™ is committed to accessibility and constantly strives to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and guidelines. To ensure that our services are as easy to access as possible for all of our customers, we have created this page to highlight our key offerings and to guide you to our priority hotline 781-755-3473 or our customer service email address (, where we can answer all of your questions. We are always open to feedback on the accessibility of our website, so please do not hesitate to share your experience with us. We look forward to serving you.

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