Everyone’s experience applying for Social Security Disability benefits will be unique. Part of this is because everyone’s individual medical and work history is different. But, potential applicants should also know that each state – like South Carolina – has its own story to tell in terms of social security disability benefit approval rates at each stage of the process, as well as waiting times at the hearing stage.

Why is State-by-State Information Important?

Specialized disability advocates (like us here at Citizens Disability) and South Carolina social security disability attorneys know all too well how important it is to understand that every state is different. It’s very helpful to know what the trends are, how long the wait times are from office to office, and what the different rates of approvals are.

Citizens Disability takes a data-driven approach to helping our clients. We want to make sure that we’re giving our clients the best possible advice at every step in the application process. We also work very hard to present the best possible case for each of our clients. Bringing together data from a wide variety of sources – including data like this, which comes from the Social Security Administration – allows us to make smart decisions when we present cases for our clients.

Finally, this information can be very helpful to applicants. Applying for social security benefits is likely a new experience for most applicants, and having an idea of what they can expect from the process can help them be engaged and involved participants with their advocates.

While your own journey may be different than the trends you see here, these tables and charts can help you understand what, on average, you can expect.

You will also find location and contact information for all the offices in South Carolina below.

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits in South Carolina – What You Need To Know

There are generally three stages in the application process for Social Security Disability benefits: initial application, reconsideration, and the hearing. In this table, you can see how South Carolina compares to the national average (all states in America) when it comes to approval rates at each of those stages.

Initial Application (L1)Reconsideration (L2)Hearing (L3)
South Carolina43.3%16.3%59.6%
National Average38.9%15.0%54.0%
State Difference:4.5%1.2%5.5%

As the table shows, South Carolina is slightly above the national average at the Reconsideration, Initial Application and Hearing levels.

South Carolina Initial Application Approval Over Time

Initial Application Approval Rate202220212020201920182017201620152014201320122011
South Carolina43.3%38.5%37.6%35.7%33.5%32.3%31.5%29.5%29.1%30.4%28.0%27.5%
National Average38.9%37.9%38.4%37.8%35.6%34.7%33.7%33.1%32.7%33.0%33.4%33.2%
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As the table and the below chart show, South Carolina has been slightly above the average approval rating of Initial Applications for the past two years. In 2022, South Carolina ranked 18th in the nation in terms of percentage approval of Initial Applications. While approval rates have remained relatively the same in South Carolina over the last few years, the rating is on par with the national average. If you are thinking of applying for SSDI, don’t worry – there are multiple stages to the application process.
This graph shows the current & historical approval rates for SSDI initial applications in South Carolina and compares them to the national averages.

South Carolina Reconsideration Approval Over Time

Reconsideration Approval Rate202220212020201920182017201620152014201320122011
South Carolina16.3%13.5%10.8%10.4%10.8%11.0%11.7%10.2%9.9%11.8%11.4%11.6%
National Average15.0%13.2%13.6%13.5%12.6%13.0%12.7%11.8%11.0%11.3%11.8%11.4%
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As the table and the below chart indicate, South Carolina has been historically lower the national average when it comes to Approvals at the Reconsideration level. However, since 2021 they have surpassed the national average. In 2022, South Carolina ranked 20th in the nation for highest percentage of approvals at Reconsideration. However, as you can see, in general, the chances of winning approval at Reconsideration are not particularly high. That is why many applicants must continue in the next level, the Hearing.
This graph shows the current & historical approval rates for SSDI reconsideration requests in South Carolina and compares them to the national averages.

South Carolina Hearings Approval Over Time

Hearing Approval Rate202220212020201920182017201620152014201320122011
South Carolina59.6%60.3%55.4%53.7%56.4%53.8%54.6%54.4%54.1%58.5%62.9%66.6%
National Average54.0%54.7%51.1%52.9%53.9%56.8%54.7%53.4%53.7%55.5%57.7%62.5%
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As the table and the below chart indicate, South Carolina has been above the national average when it comes to approvals at the Hearing level for the past few years. In 2022, South Carolina ranked 4th in the nation for highest percentage of approvals at Hearings.
This graph shows the current & historical approval rates for SSDI hearings in South Carolina and compares them to the national averages.
However, as you’ll see below, all individual hearing offices in South Carolina are not the same – each office has its own approval rates, and almost as importantly, waiting times. Which hearing office your case is assigned to in South Carolina may have a significant bearing on your chances for approval.

Also worthy of note is the fact that past performance is only one indicator of likely outcomes; as new data comes in, you might see that a state’s performance compared to the national average has either improved or weakened.

South Carolina SSDI Hearing Wait Times & Approval By Office

South Carolina is part of the Social Security Administration’s “Region 4,” which is headquartered in Atlanta. There are 3 hearing offices in South Carolina. You can see waiting times for hearings & case dispositions for each office below, with comparisons to South Carolina and National Averages.

The “Hearing Wait Time (Months)” is, on average, how long it takes in between when an applicant asks for a Hearing and when that hearing occurs.

The “Average Disposition Time (Days)” is, on average, the number of days in between when an applicant asks for a Hearing, and when the Administrative Law Judge who hears their case actually makes a decision on that case.

The “Average Approval Rate” is percentage at which cases are decided in favor of the applicant.

Hearing Wait Time (Months)Average Disposition Time (Days)Average Approval Rate (2022)
National Average10.134754.0%
South Carolina Average10.330659.6%
CHARLESTON SC11.032453.2%
COLUMBIA SC6.923962.7%

As the table here and the chart below indicate, in 2022, South Carolina has a slightly longer wait time than the national average. Columbia SC has the shortest wait time at 6.9 months. Overall, the approval rate is slightly better than the national average at 59.6%.

These waiting times and approval rates only highlight how important it can be to have a qualified representative – such as an Advocate from Citizens Disability – working on your case. The Government Accountability Office has done research that shows that an applicant who has a representative has an up to three times greater chance of being approved than a person who goes it alone.

This graph shows the current approval and wait times for SSDI hearings for Social Security offices in South Carolina and compares them to the national averages.

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Hearing Offices in South Carolina & The SSA Offices They Serve

These are the “Office of Hearing Operations” offices in South Carolina. These offices are where hearings are scheduled and generally conducted. Each OHO office supports a number of regional Social Security Administration field offices. You are likely (but not guaranteed) to have your hearing scheduled with a Judge who works in the OHO office that supports the SSA field office nearest to you.

Hearing Office Region 4 Charleston SSA, OHO
Suite 300 3875 Faber Place Drive North Charleston, South Carolina 29405
(877) 405-1467 • (843) 727-4034 • (877) 470-5098
Hours:8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
NORTH CAROLINA: Whiteville, Wilmington
SOUTH CAROLINA: Beaufort, Charleston, Conway, Georgetown, Walterboro

Hearing Office Region 4 Columbia SSA, OHO
Suite 215 101 Executive Center Drive Columbia, South Carolina 29210
(866) 399-6950 • (803) 772-1249 • (877) 470-5093
Hours:8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
GEORGIA: Augusta
SOUTH CAROLINA: Aiken, Bennettsville, Columbia, Florence, Orangeburg, Sumter

Hearing Office Region 4 Greenville SSA, OHO
475 North Main Street Mauldin, South Carolina 29662
(866) 827-6721 • (864) 297-0498 • (877) 470-5096
Hours:8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
NORTH CAROLINA: Franklin, Hendersonville FO
SOUTH CAROLINA: Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg, Clinton, Greenwood

List of Social Security Administration Field Offices in South Carolina

Office NameLocationAddressCityStatePhone Number
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All data on this page is current as of February, 2023.

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