If you’ve received a hearing notice, which describes the time and place of your social security hearing, you may have noticed that your hearing is being conducted by video teleconference (VTC).

Video Conference-Based SSDI Hearings Work the Same As In-Person Hearings

All it means is that while the administrative judge will be in one location, you and your representative will be in another location. The hearing will work as usual, just using large televisions and video equipment. The judge will be able to see you and anyone else in the hearing room and will be able to ask you questions and vice versa.

Video Hearings Are Meant To Save Time on Travel & Make Things Easier

While there is at least one Social Security hearing office in every state, the hearing office where your hearing is scheduled may still be quite far from you. In many instances VTC hearings will take place in the hearing office which is closest to you or even your local Social Security office – but that may still be quite a distance, in some states.

While technical problems do happen occasionally, generally the video equipment functions quite well and there is really no difference between using VTC or not. VTC transmissions are secure so your privacy will be protected and often, a VTC hearing can be scheduled faster than an in-person hearing which means less wait time for you. However, if you do prefer to appear at your hearing in-person, please let your representative know.

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