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Appeals Council Remand Rate Plunges

Every claimant who is denied at hearing by an ALJ has the right to appeal that decision to the Appeals Council, which is a basic safeguard of every claimant’s due process rights. Unfortunately, data released by the Social Security Administration reveals that the number of successful appeals has plummeted over the past eight years.

A New Republican Proposal Emerges to Reform SSDI

In Washington, D.C. this month (August, 2015) there was a renewed focus on the debate over the future of Social Security funding, as congressional Republicans consider a new set of proposals which seek to avert looming fiscal shortfalls in the disability program. Previous posts have detailed other potential plans to shore up the program’s finances, including raising the current cap on FICA taxes, reducing benefits, or transferring funds from the social security retirement trust fund into the disability trust fund to make up for the shortfall. The last option, referred to as an ‘inter-fund transfer,’ [...]

American Public Favors Strengthening Social Security

While Social Security continues to provide vital economic support to millions of disabled and retired individuals, children, and widows, there are long-term funding concerns which need to be addressed to keep the program fiscally sound for generations to come.

Unemployment Has Little Effect on the Number of Disability Claims

After the crash of 2008, the unemployment rate in the United States spiked to levels not seen since the Great Depression. Around the same time, the number of individuals applying for Social Security Disability benefits also began climbing - but was there a connection?