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Disability Approval With A Medical-Vocational Allowance

There are two primary ways to qualify for disability benefits. The first is by meeting the highly complex and exact medical definitions for various conditions and impairments as listed in the Social Security Administration’s “Blue Book.” The second (and lesser-known) pathway that quite often leads to disability benefits approval is the “medical-vocational allowance” (MVA) approval. While you will still have to meet rigorous guidelines as defined by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to qualify for benefits based on an MVA determination, it is more likely you will be approved through MVA over a Blue Book [...]

Dementia Care and SSA Disability Benefits

Dementia of any kind is one of the most difficult medical conditions to experience and manage. At this time, there is no cure and medical professionals can only speculate as to the ways one can help prevent or delay it from developing. It is also important to note that dementia care can be quite expensive, as individuals require far more attention than with many other diseases that can often be managed at home without much disruption to the lives of their loved ones. Dementia can also lead to many other injuries or illnesses as a [...]

Ideal Jobs for People with Physical or Mental Impairments

When someone develops physical or mental impairments they can often lose the option of being able to do their existing job. For such circumstances, monthly benefits are available through the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) programs. However, each year, more and more people want to know the types of jobs they can do with physical or mental disabilities. The Social Security Administration has continued to make it easier in recent years for people to both work and receive benefits. Which Benefits Allow Work It is possible to have part-time or [...]

Does Workers’ Compensation Affect Disability Benefits

If you have lost the ability to work in any way due to a work-related experience, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. It may also be possible that you might qualify for Social Security Administration disability benefits programs, which are the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program and the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. While you may find yourself eligible for all of these financially assistive options, you may not be able to receive all of them together. It will depend on a number of factors. Workers’ Compensation Benefits People who become injured or [...]

Work Incentives for Disability Benefit Recipients

These days, more and more people strive to keep working after a disability. In some cases, it is not possible, but in other cases, it is very much a possibility with today’s advances in technology, healthcare and changes to laws. These days, you may no longer have to choose between work and benefits. It can be an option to have both until you are able to work full-time, if that is a reality for your unique circumstance. Work Incentives and Programs The Social Security Agency (SSA) has made it possible for those receiving SSDI or [...]

Where to Find Affordable Disability Equipment

Expenses related to physical and mental impairments can add up quickly, including such costs associated with durable medical equipment and medical devices. Those who qualify for SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) benefits might also qualify for free or discounted equipment and devices to improve upon the quality of life of disabled persons. Durable Medical Equipment Durable medical equipment (DME) is often necessary for individuals with physical impairments associated with various medical conditions, illness or physical injury. This type of equipment is able to withstand harsh conditions and repeated use. Durable [...]

Veterans and Social Security Disability Benefits

Veterans who served our country qualify not only for military service benefits, but they may also qualify for Social Security disability benefits and more. Any individual who has been an active member of the armed forces at any time and for any duration may be eligible for additional benefits based on annual income, illness, disease or physical or mental impairments. The type of benefits available to veterans will be dependent on a number of factors, such as the amount of Veterans Administration (VA) benefits one receives, the health of the veteran, and more. VA Benefits [...]

Types of Health Insurance for Those with Impairments

Proper and affordable health insurance can be incredibly difficult to secure for individuals who are considered to be disabled or for those with certain medical conditions. Fortunately, the federal government and most states have made sure that everyone is able to receive health insurance, in some way, regardless of one’s illnesses, diseases and physical or mental impairments. Disability Qualifications If traditional health insurance will not cover you due to disabilities or specific conditions and symptoms, you still have options. For people who suffer from certain intellectual, cognitive, physical or mental health disabilities, you might be [...]

Tips for Applying for Disability Benefits with Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia can be a highly painful and debilitating chronic illness that prevents sufferers from working. Whether you have the ability to work in a limited capacity or you are unable to work at all, disability benefits can help with the cost of care and living expenses as a way to eliminate at least a few burdens in your life during a difficult situation. Keep reading for tips on applying for disability benefits with fibromyalgia. Signs You May Have Fibromyalgia The signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia vary greatly from one person to the next. Individuals will [...]

5 Tips For Getting The Medical Support You Need for SSDI Approval

While the right doctor’s letter and forms are a necessary part of the Social Security Disability Insurance benefits process, doctors are not obligated to complete your request or even write a favorable letter on your behalf. Here’s five steps you can take to help ensure the doctor is on your side and supports your efforts in getting approved for Social Security Disability Benefits. Improving your quality of life and ease of financial burdens. 1. Be Kind To Your Medical Professionals This may sound like an obvious thing, but it’s worth remembering. All too often, stress [...]