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Beyond the Medical Records: Alternative Evidence for Disability

If you sign up with an advocate or representative, they will also ask about treating history and send requests for records to various medical providers. But what if you don’t have much care? What if your medical records don’t paint a very clear picture of your limitations?

American Public Favors Strengthening Social Security

While Social Security continues to provide vital economic support to millions of disabled and retired individuals, children, and widows, there are long-term funding concerns which need to be addressed to keep the program fiscally sound for generations to come.

US Disability Strict by World Standards

It is an unfortunate reality that there are many critics of the Social Security Disability program, who despite evidence to the contrary, claim that benefits are too high, that the system is abused, and that it is simply too easy to get approved for benefits. Typical of this last argument is a statement made by Senator and Presidential Candidate Rand Paul, who recently proclaimed that “over half of the people on disability are either anxious or their back hurts — join the club. Who doesn’t get a little anxious for work and their back hurts?” Senator [...]

Playing Politics with the Disability Trust Fund

On the first day the new Congress took office earlier this year (2015) Republican lawmakers passed a measure that stopped the routine transfer of money from the social security retirement trust fund to the disability trust fund. In the past, Congress routinely transferred revenues between the funds as the need arose. In the early 1980’s, for instance, revenues were transferred from the disability trust fund to help shore up the retirement trust fund, though in recent years the transfer has typically flowed from the retirement fund to the disability fund. As it now stands, the [...]