15th June 2016

What Happens if I Have a Bad Judge?

The internet has created a lot of web sites where you can find ratings of restaurants, airlines, mechanics, doctors, and even social security disability judges. You may have looked up your judge when your hearing was scheduled. A lot of people wonder what happens if you have a judge who does not pay a lot of their cases. Having a social security disability lawyer can help.


The most important way to prepare your case is the same regardless of how your administrative law judge (“ALJ”) pays cases. You want to make sure that Citizens Disability knows about your case, especially where you have been seeing doctors or mental health professionals. Making sure that you have a well-developed medical record is key to any social security disability case.


You can also help your case if you get a “treating source opinion” from a doctor or psychologist that you have been seeing. If the ALJ has an opinion from a doctor that has been treating you – especially if they’ve been treating you for a long time – then the ALJ might be required to give “deference” to that opinion and give it a lot of weight in the decision. If you have a doctor willing to help you, contact Citizens Disability and see if we can get a form to your doctor to fill out for you.


And even if you get denied, the hearing appeals team here at Citizens Disability reviews every unfavorable decision that comes in. If the ALJ made mistakes of law, we may be able to appeal your hearing decision to the Appeal Council and keep fighting your claim for you.



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