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How to Access Free or Low Cost Medical Care


For any disability claim to be successful, there must be medical evidence demonstrating that your impairments are severe. This presents a problem for many claimants who lack reliable access to medical care. The main barrier to accessing appropriate medical treatment for those who are no longer able to work is cost. Some are lucky enough to be eligible for employer sponsored health insurance through their spouse. If this option is not available to you, it is important that you seek alternative means of receiving treatment. First, Look At Medicaid You should first determine if you [...]

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Beyond the Medical Records: Alternative Evidence for Disability


Anyone familiar with SSDI and SSI cases knows the first thing that Social Security looks for is the claimant’s medical records. If you sign up with an attorney or representative, they will also ask about treating history and send requests for records to various medical providers. But what if you don’t have much care? What if your medical records don’t paint a very clear picture of your limitations? Medical records aren’t the only form of evidence the ALJ will consider in your case. The two most common forms of non-medical evidence are witness testimony and [...]

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Veteran’s Choice Program


Veterans have long struggled to receive timely and quality care from the VA health care system. Many veterans lack a facility that is within easy driving distance from their homes, and even those who live near a VA facility are forced to deal with long, frustrating wait times to receive even basic care. Because proper medical care - and medical documentation - is one of the foundations of any successful claim for disability benefits, this could really cause some difficulty for our nation's veterans. The Choice Program for Veterans These issues became widely publicized in [...]

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Medicare Eligibility under SSDI


Medicare is not only a health insurance program for people 65 and older, it is also health insurance for some disabled individuals. If awarded Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you are eligible for Medicare after a 24-month waiting period, which begins the date you first become eligible to receive disability benefits. Understanding The Medicare Waiting Period The 24-month waiting period can be confusing because there is also a 5 month waiting period between the date an individual is determined disabled and the date that individual begins receiving benefits.  Therefore, an individual who is found disabled [...]

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Getting a ‘Medical Source Statement’ From Your Doctor about Your Disability


One of the strongest pieces of medical evidence you can submit to the Social Security Administration when applying for disability is a medical source statement from one of your medical providers. What Is a Medical Source Statement? A medical source statement is a form completed by your doctor summarizing how limited you are physically and mentally as a result of your conditions. This document will help the SSA determine whether you are disabled. Some important points about medical source statements: In order for a medical source statement to be most effective it needs to be [...]

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