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Do I Qualify for Telehealth?

In recent years, telehealth has been more widely accepted by younger and more tech-savvy individuals. Now, however, both the government and “regular people” are starting to embrace this progressive method of accessing modern medicine more and more. These days, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, telehealth is becoming widely available across the US from both doctors and insurance providers. This is great news for individuals who struggle to attend in-person doctor’s appointments, those unable to find affordable healthcare within their local communities, and people who have anxiety during doctors exams. What is Telehealth? [...]

How to Find the Right Doctor For Your Application Process

Finding the right doctor for your disability application does not have to be overly complicated but it can be a bit time consuming. The good news is the Social Security Administration does not require any one particular doctor to complete the proper documentation. However, all doctors have the right to refuse to assist with the application process. In order to make the process of finding the right doctor for you, we offer some tips and guidance. Begin with Your Current Doctor To begin the search, first speak with your current doctor. They likely know you [...]

Try to Get to The Doctor Even When You Cannot Afford It

When a person has physical or mental health impairments, life can be even more challenging and money can be even tighter. Fortunately, a number of options exist to help people get to the doctor even when they think they may not be able to afford to do so. The good news is that some options are free and a few are offered with a significant discount. Free Clinics Free clinics are available without charges or fees, and they are generally open to anyone. Although these clinics are free, it is important to consider a few [...]

Qualifying for Home Aid

Home aid can be a lifesaver for individuals with physical and mental health limitations. However, this type of additional medical assistance can be expensive and exceed the budget of most individuals on disability benefits. The good news is that you could qualify for home aid if you meet certain requirements. Types of Home Aid Home health care is exploding in popularity, availability and affordability, especially these days during the pandemic. In-home care has a variety of applications and purposes in both a medical and non-medical capacity. From a medical perspective, home aids can assist with [...]

The Delicate Dance of an Effective Doctor’s Letter

As part of any SSI or SSDI application process, it will almost certainly be necessary to include a letter or forms completed by your doctor. This shouldn’t be just any letter. To be most helpful, each letter must meet specific requirements. In order to make the process a bit easier for you, we offer some tips and guidance here. Start with the Right Doctor It is important to understand that some doctors do not feel comfortable assisting with disability applications. Before you begin, be sure to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your [...]

Beyond the Medical Records: Alternative Evidence for Disability

If you sign up with an advocate or representative, they will also ask about treating history and send requests for records to various medical providers. But what if you don’t have much care? What if your medical records don’t paint a very clear picture of your limitations?