25th October 2016

The Long Wait for Disability

Waiting for your disability hearing is hard. It is common to wait for more than a year to have your hearing, after already being denied at the first levels of the disability process. In some places, it’s more than 18 months. In Charlotte, North Carolina, the wait is nearly two years once you request your hearing. Charlotte has the single most pending hearings of any office in Social Security.

You may wonder – what can I do while I’m waiting for my hearing? There are still plenty of things you can do to help your claim, and help your representatives here at Citizens Disability to make your case.

You should keep treating for your conditions, as your mental and physical health providers advise. The Administrative Law Judge needs medical and psychiatric records in order to find you disabled. Even if you lost your health insurance, check with your state exchange, or look online for a list of low-cost clinics near you. Your disability lawyer may also have a list of resources for medical care in your area. The road to a successful disability claim runs through your doctor’s office.

You may also consider trying to work while you wait. Social Security has special rules for work while you are waiting on a disability claim. Your work will be evaluated in several ways. It will matter how many hours you work, how much you earn, and how long you stay employed. Sometimes even part-time work is considered successful by Social Security, so make sure you talk to your lawyer about the details of your job. For some people, you might find that you are able to work and your attorney can advise you about withdrawing your claim. For others, you might fail at work because of your disability. Your attorney can help you make sure you have the necessary evidence for the judge. If you do work while you are waiting for your disability hearing, make sure you save all of your paystubs. Also, if you struggle at work because of your disability, ask coworkers or supervisors to write letters about the difficulty you have or any accommodations you get.

Social Security is working to reduce wait times for hearings, but that change will not be fast. While you wait, make sure you are treating for your conditions and keeping up with evidence that can help you win when you finally get your chance in front of the judge.


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